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Updated: 07/25/2017

My Amateur Radio bio ... and Station

My original HF Novice Station and my current station

In the late 1970's I was into CB radio.  I wanted to expand my interest in radio and realized that CB was a dead end.  I worked for a local ambulance company/funeral home.  This is another story but it got me started in my emergency medicine path, EMT/Firefighter volunteering, EMT on an ambulance, working dispatch for ambulance, air ambulance, work as a tech in a local ED, and my current medical IT career.  One of the morticians was a ham.  He helped me prep for my test and Morse code requirement.  I tested at Mann Hall here in Spokane.  This was still when the FCC did the testing.  I passed and got my novice ticket in 1980.  I started out with some old Heathkit equipment, pictured above, HX-20 transmitter and a HR-10 receiver.  Many CW contacts were made with this old equipment. I eventually upgraded to the SB-102. I was further influenced by another ham I worked with as a partner on the ambulance, Jim, WA7WDL.  He got me interested into VHF and digital modes.  I took my technician test about 1982.  Got into VHF FM with a Icom 2AT in 1982 after getting my technician ticket.  Purchased a Commodore 64 and PK-64 and this was my start in packet radio.  Another ham that influenced me in ham radio is Gary, K7PG.  I was grandfathered in to a general class in the 90's with the license changes.  I have primarily worked VHF/UHF FM, Packet, SSB satellites for several years with the AO-10, AO-13 and AO-40 satellites.  Have been active in our local ARES group over the years and the Inland Empire VHF Club running their packet BBS for many years and the KBARA group.  I still work VHF/UHF FM, play with APRS/Packet and very active on the FM and SSB Satellites.  Shortwave and scanner listening have also been part of my hobby as well.  I have added weather satellite reception to my list.  


Icom IC-7300 with LDG AT-100 Auto Tuner (hidden), IC-475A and ic-275H allmode, Icom SM-8 desk mic, Heil Sound ICM mic for HF, Kenwood SW-2000 SWR meter, SignaLink USB all rack mounted. The racks  make by Novexcomm in Torrence, CA.  The callsign and clock panel is a nice extra item to spruce up the shack.  

For digital modes: SignaLink USB the computer is a HP computer running Windows 7, Ham Radio Deluxe, Digital Master 780, JT-65HF. AEA PK-12 attached to the IC-275H for APRS or regular packet operation.

Handhelds consist of a Icom ID-51A D-Star Dualband, Icom ID-31 D-Star UHF handheld for base D-Star,
 Icom 2AT VHF Handheld, Icom u2AT VHF Handheld in a portable packet station.

HF Station: Icom IC-7300, LDG AT-100 Auto Tuner and the Butternut HF6V vertical antenna.

My Satellite Array consists of the Hy-gain Satellite antennas model 70-30 for UHF with 14 db of gain and 216 for VHF with 10 db of gain and a Yaesu G-5400B Az/El rotor. 

Go Kit

My kit contains a Icom IC-706 MKIIG and MKII, LDG Z-100 Plus Auto Tuner, SignaLink USB all enclosed in a MTM Spud-7 Dry Box.  All self contained with a 20ah AGM Deep Cycle battery.  I chose the camo instead of the orange box like I had seen others build up there go kits with.   It can also be run for extended duration on a full size deep cycle marine battery or if AC power is availabe a Wouxun 30 amp power supply.  Have a netbook that is used for digital modes.  This setup is great for camping, emergency ops and Field Day.  Also work full duplex on FM and linear satellites.

Mobile Station in my Ford F-150
Icom IC-7100 and LDG IT-100 Auto Tuner, Hustler Antennas

Icom ID-51A, ID-31A D-Star and Yaesu FT1DR Fusion Handhelds


Icom IC-R20, Uniden Home Patrol-1 and Uniden BCD436HP 



Icom R20  Info           Uniden Home Patrol-1            Uniden BCD436HP Info                       

Acquired this little jewel on eBay from Bob Grove of Grove Enterprises.  Very nice SDR receiver.  Originally sold to raise funds for the Funcube-1 satellite campaign.  Finally used it for what it was intended, receiving and decoding data from Funcube-1 (AO-73) satellite.  Works flawless on my Surface Pro 2 with Windows 10 using SDR Console software and the Funcube Dashboard.  The SDR Console Software is the only program I can get to work with the dongle on my tablet.  I have tried SDR# and HDSDR.  Could not get either one to work.   This is much better than the RTL SDR dongles that I have experimented with.  Most RTL SDR dongles won't work with Windows 10.  The Funcube Dongle works hand in hand with the Funcube Dashboard Software for capturing data from AO-73 and UKube-1.

Funcube Dongle Site      SDR Console

RTL SDR+ Receiver

This SDR receiver is a standard SDR dongle built into an up converter that allows it to be used on HF frequencies.  

Local Club Affiliations

Radios I own or have owned (green indicates currently own)):
Icom Base Radios: 211, 720A, 251A, 451A, 271A, 729/AT-160, 820H, 275H, 475H
Icom Mobiles: 215, 280A,  28A, 228A, 228H, 22S, 22U, 3200A, 3210A, 3230H, 281H, 481H, V8000,  703,
706 MkII. 706 MKIIG
, 7100.
Icom Handhelds:  2AT, 4AT, 32AT, u2AT, u4AT, P2AT, 24AT, W32A, Q7A, P7A, Z1A, T90A, 91AD, ID-31A, ID-51A.
Icom Receivers:  R1, R2, R5, R6, R70, R20, RX7, R7000.  
Yaesu: FT1DR
Radio Shack: HTX-200, HTX-400.
Scanner: Uniden Bearcat BC895XLT, Uniden BCD436HP, Uniden Home Patrol-1.
Heathkit: HX-20, HR-10, SB-102.
Baofeng: UV-5R, UV-3R+, UV-3R.