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Updated: 08/30/2017


lunar phases

August 21,2017 Solar Eclipse

90% as seen in Spokane, Washington.  Taken with my Meade DS-2130AT with a homemade solar filter and a Variscope Astro Camera.

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My Start In Astronomy

My Webcam Astrophotography Page

I got started in astronomy as a teenager. Starting out with a 2.7" refractor purchased by my parents at the local Goodwill Store, and a smaller variable power Tasco refractor I purchased later at Kmart. I had many enjoyable hours observing with these scopes.

Several years ago during the summer of 1994 during it seemed like a good time to purchase a larger telescope. I purchased a Odyssey 8 by the former Coulter Optical. I have 4 eyepeices all Kelners, 27, 12, 9, 6 mm and a 2 x barlow. I use a Telrad finder. I have thought about adding a regular finder It is a 8" f 4.5.   scope but as of yet I have not had much trouble finding deep sky objects since 90% of it is knowing where to point it.  At the time the Coulter scope was about $100 less than comparable 8" scopes on the market. It was an inexpensive way of getting into a medium sized scope. Nothing beats a good pair of binoculars for astronomy either. I have a pair of Bushnell brand, 10x50 and also a pair of ProSpec brand, 7x35. It is amazing what you can spot with just binoculars. You can see the moons of Jupiter if you hold them still enough.

I am mostly interested in visual astronomy. I get the most fun out of spending a night out under the stars and observing as much as possible. If you have any questions about my equipment or my page please feel free to email me.

Scott Harvey

Spokane, Washington

My Telescopes

My scope is a Odessy 8.  An original Coulter Optical scope.  The Murnaghan Instruments Corporation was making the Coulter line at one time but have since discontinued them.

Coulter Odessy 8" Reflector, F/4.5
Dobsonian Mount

I have built a base that the dobsonian base mounts on to make it an equatorial mount.

Kelners, 27, 12, 9, 6 mm and
a 2 x barlow and Telrad finder


telescope2.jpg (33965 bytes)

History of Coulter Odessy 8 Telescope

New addition: 

Meade DS-2130AT 5" Reflector, F/7.9
Alt/Az Mount, GoTo Telescope

Purchased with the Autostar 497 controller


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