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ISS APRS on 145.825

Locate APRS Station on these sites:

APRS.FI    K6IB Real Time Tracker   ISS Heard Station

With my setup I can switch my APRS station from the usual 144.390 national APRS frequency to 145.825 and can send my position and it digipeats though ISS.

Confirmation of my station heard by ISS and ISS location over the Northwest in the stations heard list at http://www.ariss.net/.  I use APRSISCE/32.

Detailed APRS information can be found here

Simple easy to use APRS Program:  APRSISCE/32

My current APRS/packet setup is using the AES PK-12 with an accessory cable attached to my Icom 820H.  Two versions of APRSISCE/32.  One setup for terrestrial packet on 144.390 and the other configured for ISS APRS on 145.825.

Yaesu handheld can also be used.  On my FT1DR I use the normal configuration for terrestrial packet but add the digi path to RS0ISS.  Be sure and switch to this when digipeating through ISS.  The usual digi path for terrestrial packet of Wide1-1, Wide2-1 does not work for ISS.

Slick APRS Tracker - Sainsonic AP510 APRS

The AP510 is a small self contained APRS tracker.  It is smaller than my IC-IC31 handheld.  It contains a GPS receiver, VHF 1 watt transmitter, battery, and VHF antenna..  It is programmed via a USB serial cable.  Mine did not come with any manual or software.  Information is readily available online via YouTube and a Yahoo Group.  There are several versions of firmware and programming software available.


Great YouTube Tutorial         Yahoo Group        Sainsonic Web Site

Packet Radio is a digital form of communications

All you need to start in packet radio is a 2 meter FM radio which you probably already have.  A computer, even an old XT running MS-Dos will work just fine and a TNC (terminal node controller).

The TNC is like a modem that encodes and decodes packets of data using what is called AX.25 protocol.  This same data protocol is also used in commercial applications.

I have been involved in packet radio in the Spokane, WA since it began in the area in the early 80's.  I started with a AEA PK-64 TNC and my Commodore 64.  Then went to the PK-87, PK-12.  I have stuck with the AEA/Timewave products since they seem to be rock solid.  I have a Heathkit HK-21 Pocket Packet unit for portable use. 


Packet Links

K4ABT Packet Radio Page - Excellent Information Source (www.packetradio.com)

TAPR - Tucson Amateur Packet Radio Organization

F6FBB Home Page - Packet BBS Program

TPK Home Page   Introduction to Packet Radio

Packet Software

Here are some links to multiple packet software sites:  Instant links to recommended programs.

PacketWin2.1      QRZ Software     APRSISCE/32

This is the best packet program out there if you are running Windows 95 and above.  Even runs under Vista.  
Easy to configure and use.

WinPack V6.8        WinPack Manual (PDF)