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Updated: 07/25/2017




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To see upcoming launch schedule visit AmericaSpace and Spaceflight 101

Explor the International Space Station.  Great 3D exploration of the US segment of the station.

Flickr Project Apollo Photo Archive

First Orbit - The Movie: Story about Yuri Gagarin's First Flight

This page is dedicated to our human spaceflight program and the sacrifices that have been made by many great people to make our space program what it has been, is today and will be in the future.

Remembering our fallen astronauts

Apollo 1
January 27, 1967
3 lost

Shuttle Challenger
January 28, 1986
7 lost
Shuttle Columbia
February 1, 2003
7 lost

In honor of our lost astronauts, NASA has named the Spirit Mars Exploration Rover landing site for the lost Columbia crew, Columbia Memorial Station.  Three hills at Columbia Memorial Station have been named for the 3 astronauts of Apollo 1.  The Opportunity Mars Exploration Rover landing site has been named Challenger Memorial Station in honor of the lost Challenger crew.

Space Shuttle, Soyuz, and  International Space Station


Since the demise of the US Space Shuttle program we are dependent on Russian Soyuz technology to ferry astronaut and cosmonauts to and from the International Space Station.  The Soyuz rocket and capsule date back years in the Russian space program.  See the Soyuz launch sequence here.

ISS Live video via UStream

Track ISS in real time via NASA

Has a nice zoom feature

To track the Space Station on your computer please see my Satellite page for a selection of tracking programs.

Nasa Television
More options than my link in the left column

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Flickr Project Apollo Photo Archive

Mir Space Station

Info on Salyut Space Stations


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