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Updated: 05/26/2017



Active Amateur Radio Satellites 

  FM: AO-85, and SO-50,   SSB: AO-73, FO-29, EO-79, EO-88, UKube-1, XW-2A, XW-B, XW-2C, XW-2D, XW-2F, and AO-7
Amateur Satellite Status - Updated by users

         To see upcoming launch schedule visit AmericaSpace and Spaceflight 101

ISS Links:  NASA Station Info    ISS Facebook Page    ARISS    ISS Fan Club

ISS is up and running on APRS Packet on 145.825 once again thanks to the Ericcson replacement handheld sent up on the last Dragon resupply mission.

Live feed from the
Space Station

Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream

ARISS gets radio donation to replace failed Ericcson radio that failed in October 2016
Per Amateur Radio Newsline broadcast dated Januay 6, 2017
 Kenwood has donated a TM-D710GA dualband radio to replace the failed radio so ISS can get back on the air on 145.825 with APRS.  A special power supply has also being built to enable the radio to be used in any ISS module.  There is a cost of $200,000 for production and certification of the radio before it can be flown and be placed in service on ISS.  
Please donate to ARISS on the AMSAT website.

Per a AMSAT BB post February 19, 2017 after the successful launch of the recent SpaceX Dragon mission there is a replacement Ericcson handheld on board to replace the failed radio.  This means that ISS VHF APRS activity will resume in the near future.  This is a temporary fix until the Kenwood radio can is ready for the station.

New FM Satellite was launched from ISS on Thursday, May 25th.  LilacSat-1.
See details on the AMSAT-UK page link below and  more details on my satellite page.

LilacSat-1 Details

Saturday Night D-Star Net on Ref 29A at 1900 PT/0300 UTC every Saturday night

Please check out my friend John's web page.  He has a lot of information on projects he is working on.

Beginners Guides to Satellite Operating from AMSAT-UK

For information on the upcoming August 21 Solar Eclipse please see my Astronomy page

Please QSL via eQSL or direct.  Address good on QRZ.